Not just an ordinary potato

Maybe you’ve already heard about it. A photograph of a potato was sold for over a million dollars. That’s right, one million dollars. Why is that picture of a potato such a good photograph? You obviously have some technical (objective) criteria that you can judge upon. Is the light well in the picture? Does the …

26th October 2016
Still Life – Stefan Vanfleteren & Armando

In the MOA (Museum of Old Amelisweerd) you can visit the exhibition “Still Life” by Armando and Stephan Vanfleteren. Hurry up, if you have not seen it yet, …

28th August 2016
Photoshoot with a cat

A photoshoot with a cat is not that obvious. This lady, for example, does not lie obediently when you ask. And certainly not at the exact place where you want to photograph her.

26th January 2016
At the edge of the forest

At the edge of the forest, I saw this wall and stables. The building and the wall are objects with a high contrast to their surroundings.

8th December 2015
Walking in Bekkevoort

In Bekkevoort you can walk over rustic country roads and through beautiful sunken roads, typical of the Hageland. You pass farms and chapels and get beautiful views of the hilly landscape.

16th November 2015