Climate changes in Limburg

When we look at ourselves in the mirror we always see the same unchanged person. We don’t see the wrinkles and gray hair. Changes that you notice in other people, because you don’t see them every day. The same applies to your environment, nature and the climate in which you live. For 50 years there has been a desiccation in our observable climate. Yet we never noticed any of it. It happens too slow for our perception.

We all know that southern countries are experiencing more and more difficulties. Long periods of drought, extreme rainfall, landslides, fierce forest fires, … More and more they have to deal with the extreme consequences of climate change. In the far north it disappears the ice again at a fast pace.
When we look at all these changes in the rest of the world then we are still very good here. We have no latest climate changes yet.
But is this really the case? Are there not already climate phenomena here we should notice? Or do we suffer from change blindness?