Drowning in Plastic

Watch out Humans

Let’s talk about plastic. There ‘s a lot of it out there. And it ‘s found in places where it shouldn’t be found.
Plastic might not seem that scary. We use it in our everyday life. But… plastic pollution is steadily growing. It’s taking over our planet. It ‘s in our water, clothes, fish, food, …. Were doomed to live with yesterday’s plastic pollution and we are worsening the situation with each day of unchanged behaviour. Plastic should be recognized as an emerging human health issue.
Human exposure can occur through consumption of contaminated food, water and air. It is found in our blood and our tissue. Toxic ingredients can avaporate into the air and be breathed in. They can readily absorb into the skin. Exposure to them is linked to cancer, birth defects, impaired immunity, endocrine disruption and other ailments. For women there is a higher risk for miscarriages, breast cancer, ovarian cysts and infirtility.
More studies are needed to better understand the level of human exposure. But there is one problem. Studiyng the effect of plastic pollution on human health is nearly impossible: worldwide there are almost no unexposed objects. Chemicals that have barely been tested were found in 95% of the US adult population.
There are more reasons why plastic is a danger to human health. We could write a book about it. But then you might not read it. That’s why we’ll keep it short:
Watch out humans, it’s time to take out the trash!