Oustide The Lines – Genderstereotypes

(Working title / Work in progress)

Outside the lines is a project about genderstereotypes. When you talk about gender, you often get the same reactions: “Nowadays it is about gender everywhere”, or “Gender, isn’t there any legislation for that?” However, it is not considered that in our daily life there are still many things that are gender related and that we have accepted without thinking. It doesn’t matter where you were born or grew up, we all have to deal with it. For example, the classic gender stereotypes are ingrained in children from the age of 10. Researchers call this the “gender straitjacket”. A straitjacket with lifelong consequences.

How to show the colors outside the lines?

I tried to figure out how I should discuss this gender issue by means of sculptural photography. . I thought it was an interesting strategy to start with interviews. These interviews give me a certain knowledge base and insights into the problems that serve as a starting point for my creative expression. For example, based on these conversations, I collected a number of scores that serve as the basis for the sculptural work. As a result, we can see that everybody likes to color outside the lines.