Shifting Grounds

Shifting Grounds depicts the proliferation of Japanese knotweed, one of the many problems caused by man. In the images you can see how the plant is beginning to invade the cities. You can’t look anywhere without something of the Japanese knotweed coming into view.

The Making Of

Shifting Grounds is more than just a photo project. A scale model composed of images of buildings from different cities around the world was constructed to visualize the proliferation of the Japanese knotweed. Branches of Japanese  Knotweed that were preserved by enrobing them in a glycerine solution were added to the scene.


Shifting grounds started with some research to learn more about the Japanese  knotweed. There was also an artistic research, on the one hand to gain inspiration, on the other hand to confirm that this work was innovative.


In the publication NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) by Kristof Vrancken there were included two photos of the Shifting Grounds project, on the pages 84 and 85 respectively. During the exhibition, the pages were displayed under glass plates.