Claire Dekens

Still Life – Stefan Vanfleteren & Armando

28th August 2016

In the MOA (Museum of Old Amelisweerd) you can visit the exhibition “Still Life” by Armando and Stephan Vanfleteren. Hurry up, if you have not seen it yet, the exhibition ends on September 25th 2016! You can enjoy the works of art but also the surrounding nature and the delicious organic food from the field kitchen.
This exhibition is definitely a must for those who love the work of Stephan Vanfleteren. The photographs were specially made for this occasion. Initially it was planned to exhibit works of Atlantic Wall. However, new works are shown at the insistence of the photographer. These photos were taken with the environment of the museum (the mansion and the surrounding estate) and the works of Armando as a source of inspiration. The photos are therefore a link between the works of art, the poetry and the mansion.
Do not miss this exhibition because, there will be no book publication afterwards!

Museum of Old Amelisweerd
Museum of Old Amelisweerd
Museum of Old Amelisweerd
Museum of Old Amelisweerd
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Itsy Bitsy Spider
The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the waterspout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out.
Diner is often late
One of the downsides while engaging in food photography is that distraction is never far away. It often happens that, when I am busy preparing dinner, I get fascinated by the color, shape or texture of the ingredients.

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